Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Shit Bloggers Wear

tshirt - eBay, parka - New Look, jeans and sandals - Asos, satchel - River Island, chain - H&M

So I wore this outfit the other day and it reminded me of an ad Topshop had on their website a while back called 'Shit Bloggers Wear'. It was a collaboration they had done with illustrator Cecilia of http://shitbloggerswear.tumblr.com/ and it was basically a collaboration of predicted pieces bloggers would buy from Topshop's A/W13 collection. I found the illustrator's blog even more interesting as I mused over all of her beautiful illustrations which, put together, are reminiscent of a typical blogger's closet. (so check her out)
Anyway, I thought this outfit sort of embodies a typical street style blogger - the Celine tshirt, the boyfriend jeans, jelly sandals, parka and satchel.. all seem too familiar. Having said that, I am currently obsessed with this sort of laid back 'jeans and tshirt' look as it's just too comfortable. However, to the naked eye it looks as is a blogger's closet has exploded all over me.


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  1. love this outfit post, I want it all <3