Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Recents + Favourites

1. Winter Wonderland

Jumper - sheinside
Coat - h&m 
Shorts - river island
Shoes - asos (new look)
Necklace - new look

2. NYE 

Dress - motel 
Underskirt, earrings - h&m
Shoes - asos (new look)
Necklace - miss selfridge 

Claudia (styled by me)
Shirt - river island (old and customised)
Skirt, chain necklace  - h&m 
Flatforms - river island

3. Birthday suit

Crop top, jacket, earrings - topshop
Skirt - zara 
Shoes - asos (new look) 
Necklace - new look
Bag - ebay

4. Lunch date 

Jumper, monochrome boots - river island
Ripped Jeans - asos
Coat - sheinside
Bag, earrings - topshop

5. Favourites 

As you can probably tell, these past few weeks Ive been wearing my platform heels from asos religiously! They're almost too comfortable and go with every outfit as well as elongating my legs. 

Lately, ive been loving all things holographic so ive been wearing this iridescent clutch i got from ebay non stop, id wanted one for ages and when i finally found this one i had to get it! 

For some unknown reason this season ive been drawn to glitter which is quite uncharacteristic of me but im just going with it i guess. Ive been wearing these polishes by maybelline and i love them as their coverage is awesome and they sparkle beyond belief!

'Colour show' nail polish by maybelline

Ps excuse the crappy quality of these photos, as usual they were taken on my phone despite having bought the world's most expensive slr.. Logic. 
Okay bye for now xx

Friday, 3 January 2014

Recent OOTDs

Firstly, happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good one:) 
Quick catchup on some recent outfits I've worn. I recently bought a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell 'Coltrane' knock-offs from ebay like the other 90 percent of bloggers and I have literally not taken them off my feet, theyre soo comfy! Here are a few outfits I've styled with them. 

Coat - sheinside
Scarf - zara
Bag - topshop 
Leggings - topshop
Shoes - ebay 

Coat - sheinside 
Shirt - h&m
Jumper - zara
Chain - h&m
Shoes - same

Top - zara 
Jacket - topshop 
Jeans - urban outfitters
Shoes - same

The two coats are also new purchases from sheinside - theyre such bargains so make sure you check them out on their site! 


Monday, 2 December 2013

Happy December / Miley Cyrus T-shirt DIY

Happy December everyone! Hope you're all well, it's been over a month since my last post.. I think i underestimated the amount of time and effort that goes into running a blog while trying to keep up with studies and working. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm posting again as I love to share little ideas like theses with you all!

So, back to the post; a while back I mentioned doing a Miley Cyrus T-shirt diy tutorial as I really wanted a t-shirt like the one she wore to Jimmy Kimmel  over the summer, but I couldn't find one anywhere that was exactly like it (not even Etsy, and that's saying something). So I decided to make it myself and share it with you all on here so you can give it a try yourself (it's really not that difficult)! I was actually surprised how cheap it was to make considering there are copies of other t-shirts she's worn for over 30 pounds.

Things you will need:
Old red t-shirt (or from Asos here - get an M for a loose fit)
White fabric paint (here)
Stencil (you can download the one I made here or make your own)
Thick card / plastic bag
Pair of scissors
Scalpel (optional)

1. Print out stencil, cut it in half so that the letters align to spell out 'CHANNING'. Using a scalpel or scissors cut the letters out to look like this:

2. Align the stencil so that it is in a straight line and tape it to the t-shirt:

3. Put a piece of cardboard (or something that won't soak up the paint) in between the front and back of the t-shirt to protect the back being stained with paint:

4. Using a pencil, draw the letters using the stencil. (you'll need this as a guide for painting when you remove the stencil) :

5. Using a small paintbrush, apply the first coat of paint:

6. Let the paint dry thoroughly. (I left mine to dry overnight) Then remove the stencil:

7. Place a piece of cotton fabric on top of the writing and iron using a medium setting without steam.

8. After you have ironed the fabric, let it cool and apply the second coat of paint. This is where the pencil lined you made earlier will come in handy as you will be painting freehand. You will need to apply enough paint to make a completely opaque white colour while tidying up the edged of the text:

9. Let this dry and iron again in the same way. The finished text should look like this:

10. Lastly, decide how short you want the t-shirt to be and draw a straight line using a pencil across the front (I would suggest to try it on first as it might look shorter when it is on). Cut along the line you drew with a pair of sharp scissors... And look at that, you're done! 

Now you have a t-shirt that looks exactly like Miley's and voices your love of Channing Tatum.. what's not to love, right?
(If you have any problems with downloading the PDF, comment below this post with your email and I'll email you the file) :)


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween Inspiration

So, it's that time again... Halloween time. I can easily say that halloween is one of my favourite holidays, just because I love dressing up. It's fun coming up with different ideas on what to wear and how to do your makeup, and honestly I think halloween isn't just for little kids, it's a day where everyone should dress up and just enjoy themselves, you know?
Okay, so most years I tend to make my own costume, firstly because I think it's more fun, and secondly because it's original and there's no way yiu'll show up to a party with the same costume as someone else. I'm still not sure on what to do this year though... so here's a few of my initial costume/makeup ideas:

1. Wednesday Addams

I was planning on going as her last year.. I got the idea from Jenn of Clothes Encounters (who is great btw, so check her out) but I never got around to it. It would be quite easy to make - find an old plain dress, pair it with a white shirt and black brogues, braid hair and pile on the pale powder (expressionless face - optional)

2.  Twiggy

Because she's a legend. And also because it would be quite easy to put together. All you would need is a Sixties shift dress, some fake lashes and you're good to go.

3.  Billy the Puppet (Saw)

I've been a fan of the Saw franchise ever since the first movie so dressing up as the creepy puppet killer thing (that apprently has a name, Billy the Puppet, according to Wikipedia)  would be so much fun. The costume wouldn't be as hard to put together as you might think - you could probably find an old suit lying around your house if you looked hard enough. All you would need to buy is a red bow tie.. unless you have one, then you're good.

4. Killer Clown

The makeup of this looks amazing - it'sscary but not too over the top... okay, maybe a little over the top, but it's Halloween, it's what people do right?! For the outfit you could cut up an old pair of baggy trousers or splatter red paint (to look like blood) over a colourful dress.. the costume could really go any way you want it to

5. Flapper Girl

A little cliched - yes. But The Great Gatsby was my favourite book to study at AS English and dressing up as a flapper has always been a fantasy of mine. It just looks so glamorous and beautiful. As for the actual costume I think it would be the most expensive to put together as you would need a pretty decent, good quality dress to pull the look off. The hair and makeup is quite simple which is refreshing for Hallowen since people normally tend to go completely overboard with the facepaint and/or fake body parts.

So that's it, five outfits to hopefully get you inspired for dressing up this season. It's last minute, I know, with only a week left to Halloween, but with the right inspiration (and tools) you could put one of these looks together in a night! Happy dressing up!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Shit Bloggers Wear

tshirt - eBay, parka - New Look, jeans and sandals - Asos, satchel - River Island, chain - H&M

So I wore this outfit the other day and it reminded me of an ad Topshop had on their website a while back called 'Shit Bloggers Wear'. It was a collaboration they had done with illustrator Cecilia of http://shitbloggerswear.tumblr.com/ and it was basically a collaboration of predicted pieces bloggers would buy from Topshop's A/W13 collection. I found the illustrator's blog even more interesting as I mused over all of her beautiful illustrations which, put together, are reminiscent of a typical blogger's closet. (so check her out)
Anyway, I thought this outfit sort of embodies a typical street style blogger - the Celine tshirt, the boyfriend jeans, jelly sandals, parka and satchel.. all seem too familiar. Having said that, I am currently obsessed with this sort of laid back 'jeans and tshirt' look as it's just too comfortable. However, to the naked eye it looks as is a blogger's closet has exploded all over me.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Recent OOTD's

Pineapple Fun:

Crop Jumper - SheInside
Leather Skirt - Asos/Boohoo
Chunky Peeptoe Boots - H&M
Chain - H&M

Denim Overload :

Contrast Sleeve Jumper - Zara
Boyfriend Jeans - Asos
Creepers - eBay
Denim Backpack - eBay

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, here are a couple of outfits I recently wore. The first one I wore to a birthday party and the pineapple jumper went down well because people kept asking me where I bought it, which was great (it's one of my favourite jumpers right now). The bottom outfit is nothing special, just something I wore going shopping. The motive there was clearly comfort, something the boyfriend jeans achieve without compromising style (I haven't been able to take these babies off ever since I got them!)