Friday, 2 August 2013


3 weeks. That's how long it took me to come up with a decent URL that isn't already taken. Ridiculous i know. The fact that the name centres around the theme of fashion didnt help considering the endless amount that exist these days... And yet, ironically, here I am adding another one to the  infinite world of fashion blogging. Therefore my intentions in this blog are not only to post about fashion trends and personal style but to also share with you my creative journey in the hope that it might motivate and inspire you :)

And thus it begins; the very first post. Eeeek! 
Like first meetings, I believe first posts are just as awkward and embarrassing. I mean, I can imagine how much I'll be cringing reading this a year from now (that is, if the blog survives that long, which I truly hope it does) Like what is even the protocol here? Should I introduce myself and give you a list of my hobbies and interests blah blah etc... I suppose it would be a fine start but then where's the mystery, eh? Ok let's jump straight in: it's 3.30 am and instead of sleeping (as I have to catch a plane tomorrow) I decided to start the blog. I guess it's a mixture of excitement and adrenaline that's keeping me awake.. Or maybe it's the coffee I had at seven. Either way I'm glad I finally decided to start it because I've wanted to for so long but was never really inspired to. What annoys me the most is when I see something new and exciting and want to share it with you I realise 'crap! You can't post anything yet cus you haven't actually started the blog!' Well here is me starting it so that I can have some more of these monologues in the hope that someone likes or is even half interested in them. And we come to the near end of the post. No photos yet but they will come soon hopefully. I keep saying hopefully I don't know why. Anyway I want to end just by saying that I think I am a terrible writer and this is probably the most you will ever read on here as I really want it to be like an electronic mood board so to speak filled with ideas and inspiration. Well done you have reached the end of the first post! If you're still reading than thank you and 'til my next one!

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